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Below are a variety of videos that I’ve helped produce, direct, dp’d, light and/or edit and so on.

Videos range anywhere from corporate/business/training videos, audition videos, commercials, music videos, live concerts, reality TV and more.

Because of privacy issues or content, some videos that I’ve shot for both private and corporate clients cannot be shown. ┬áSome of those clients are:

  • Torch Creative Group/Ace Hardware (shot an interview for Ace Hardware)
  • Colorado Bar Association (shot a series of training videos)
  • A vast number of wedding clientele, private parties, dance recitals, funerals/memorial services and more.

Contact me for your next project. I always provide a free consultation!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jason Mowry

"MEXICO" by Mark Mitten

"SLEEPWALK" from Tommy Price and The Stilettos from The Oriental Theater

"EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT" by Bobby Wells and Friends

"GOOD TO BE BACK" from the "HERE WITH YOU LORD" concert by Bobby Wells and Friends

"BIG BAD HANDSOME MAN" from Tommy Price and The Stilettos from The Oriental Theater.mp4

"JACKSON" from Tommy Price and The Stilettos from The Oriental Theater

2010 Denver Broncos Holiday E-Card

Reservoir Dogs Intro

"SUGAR BOWL" by Elizabeth Rose

Mountain Valley Home Bed and Breakfast in Estes Park, Colorado

Downtown Denver in the Fall of 2008

Colorado Bar Association Presents High School Mock Trial Instructional Video

Back to Football - Denver Broncos Commercial

Slight of Hand

Nashville to Nowhere (Troy Bullock)

Nashville To Nowhere Character Bio (Troy Bullock)

Brothers of the Sun Band

Chuck U Farley Band

Birthday Photo Montage Video

Corporate Training provided by Bovine Improv Theatre

Shaving Peggy sings Doctor Doctor (cover)

Shaving Peggy - Country Girl, Shake It For Me (cover)

All That Entertainment Video Artist Showcase

Derek's Memorial

30 Second Spot for the band Shaving Peggy

Inner Dimension Teaser

Gunnar Smith's Audition Video

Troy Bullock's Promo Video

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